Honesty, Acceptance, Faith with Humility, Gratitude, Peace, Passion, Harmony- the components of compassion. Love fearlessly, pay attention to the direction of the wind and its smells, the songs of birds around you, the movements of animals evident in disturbances on the ground. If you want to know yourself, know the whole story as it unfolds in your habitat. If you want to love yourself, love those who share your ecosystem and its whirling, dancing adventure. The door of Truth leads to wild freedom, and its key is your senses. Perceive it and express it, and Truth will singlehandedly lift you from fear and enslavement. Mother/Father God, I am deeply grateful for the air I breathe, and accept in humility the thrill of knowing that the same breath that lives in my lungs was shared by my ancestors. Let me perceive and act from their wisdom, as well as the wisdom of my companions, be they human, avian, canid, feline, mustelid, rodent, insect, or any of the others sharing space and breath in this infinite uniform explosion called the Universe. Let me know when to be gentle and when to be fierce, when to provide and when to recieve, when to be still and when to move. Guide me towards skill and grace in the paths before me; teacher, pupil, lover, father, son, brother, hunter, warrior, healer, goofball, let me have grace and encouragement in my failures and successes.